For Photographers – My Studio Essentials!

  • opalandolive
  • Apr 2, 2019

I’ve had a studio since 2017 and I have learned so much since opening my first tiny little closet sized studio and the things I cannot live without!



Don’t let it’s tiny size fool you! For $25 this is the best budget speaker I have ever used. I love it so much I honestly don’t think I’ll ever buy another speaker. It’s so loud but it also sounds so amazing and the colors are so beautiful and calming. I use this for music for boudoir and white noise during newborn sessions! 10/10 you NEED this.


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This. Thing. Is. AWESOME. No seriously, it’s so awesome my dad stole it from my studio to put in his office haha. It picks up everything and the battery lasts SO long.

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I use a space heater to control the heat for newborn sessions without burning up my entire studio! This little thing puts out SO much heat but the settings allow you to comfortably control the amount of heat needed!

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I use this for newborn sessions to lightly bounce baby without breaking my back, it’s also so nice to sit on while writing blogs 😉

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Thats all for now! I hope you pick one of these up, they’re amazing!