Why hire a photographer for your Fresh 48?

What is a Fresh 48?

This session, also sometimes referred to as a fresh 24, is a time for your photographer to come into your maternity suite shortly after birth to capture your baby within the first 24 – 48 hours.

Why choose a fresh 48?

Your baby changes SO quickly after birth it’s almost unbelievable. Even by the time you’ve arrived to your newborn session which can take place anytime between 3 – 20 days old, lots of changes start to take place as soon as baby is born. The moments you spend in the hospital after birth getting to know the little human that’s been living inside of you for the past 9 months is truly the most incredible, capturing these moments will help you to be able to relive it any time you want. If you’ve given birth before you know that the minutes, hours, days, and weeks afterwards can sometimes be a blur but you will ALWAYS have these portraits to look back on!

Isn’t there already photographers in the hospital?

There is! Commonly you’ll see Bella Baby and Mom365 popping around into your room for pictures, while these are great options, not every photographer that works for these companies has the same style. When you hire a photographer outside of the hospital you are able to choose the style you want! You will also be able to see the photographers pricing before you go into the hospital so you can be prepared on how much to spend when you hire outside of the hospital.

Is it really necessary to book a fresh 48 and a newborn portrait session?

Of course not! Every person has different taste, some prefer the lifestyle type sessions where it’s a more candid version of the newborn stage, some love the posed newborn, and some love both! I always recommend bundling the sessions and purchasing them both so that you have both types of looks.

You can book your session at hello@theopalandolive.com